Workplace Exposures
Not all problem dusts or other contaminants are this visible.  Many times with stringent health limits they are not visible to the naked eye, as in the case of vapors, fumes, mists, and dusts with stringent health limits.  Installed industrial ventilation systems may or may not be controlling these contaminants at acceptable levels

Perhaps one or more of these reasons to reduce contaminant levels may exist for your site:

  • Health or worker exposures
  • Preventing accumulation of combustible dusts or vapors
  • Compliance with new OSHA Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program (see Ventilation Links, Preventing Explosions on this website for more information) 
  • Poor performance of industrial ventilation systems causing
    • Frequent need for system maintenance
    • Product quality impact (contamination, formulation, yield or appearance)
    • Productivity losses (equipment reliability, changeover speed, or housekeeping)
    • Environmental compliance issues
  • Other?



Solving contaminant problems is a combination of process equipment choices, application of industrial ventilation systems, implementing appropriate operating procedures, and timely equipment system training and maintenance.   Learn more about how Workplace Exposure Solutions LLC can help you solve your problems by visiting the links within this website.

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